Customer Service
Sincerity-Be sincere and trustworthy to customers, and do not deceive customers;
Attentiveness—do your work well and solve customer problems;
Attentiveness-do everything in your power to think what the customer wants and what the customer needs;
For customer satisfaction—Serving customers is the basis for Yicheng's continuous development and success. As a modern enterprise, we must not only establish all business concepts for customers, but also emphasize the internal service concept of mutual customers. In response to the needs of external customers and the company's internal collaboration department, we must have a good attitude, correctly understand and understand carefully, complete the work with high quality and efficiency, and solve it with all our strength. Create the satisfaction of external customers, the satisfaction of internal collaboration departments, and the satisfaction of inter-departmental collaboration personnel.
For employee satisfaction-without satisfied employees, there will be no satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction comes from the dedicated service of all employees. While striving for customer satisfaction, the company also pays attention to the satisfaction of internal employees. By establishing effective incentives and competition mechanisms, it strives to provide employees with greater development space and growth opportunities, so The self-worth of employees can be truly reflected and recognized.
(I) Product return / exchange service:
There is no reason to return or exchange the goods within 7 days from the date of actual receipt.
More than 7 days, if you have the following reasons for return, you can apply for return within 15 days from the confirmation of receipt.
(2) Reasons for return and exchange:
1. The actual product does not match the product description;
2. Commodity quality issues;
3. Logistics damage.
(3) Return and exchange conditions:
1. Meet the unconditional return and exchange conditions required by law;
2. Goods (including attachments) must be returned in good condition without affecting the secondary sales of the goods.
3. In the event of damage, liquid leakage, fragmentation, or performance failure during transportation, you must report to the merchant within 24 hours after receiving the goods, and initiate an online return and exchange application to provide photos of the damaged goods.
(IV) Matters needing attention:
1. If you torn or altered the product label, serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark, warranty certificate, and the product model or serial number on the warranty certificate does not match the actual product, the return or exchange is not supported.
2. Product quality problems caused by unauthorized negligence, misuse, abuse, disassembly, collision, liquid ingression, accident, modification, incorrect installation or storage are not returned.
3. For mobile phones, digital products, and IT products, which can be eliminated through software upgrades, you only need to send them to the local manufacturer's designation or a special after-sales service center for upgrade.
4. For storage products, please be sure to export the data in it yourself before returning it, otherwise the merchant will not be held responsible for any data loss or damage.
5. Packing products with anti-counterfeit codes. Once the anti-counterfeit codes are scratched, they cannot be returned or exchanged.
6. Mobile phones and digital products that include authorization or activation information, including but not limited to serial number SN, activation code, CDKEY, etc. Once the authorization or activation process is generated, you will not be able to enjoy the "7-day no reason to return or exchange" policy. Apply online for return and exchange within 15 days from the date of confirmation of receipt.
7. Miles will not be refunded if the miles expire due to your voluntary return.
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